Engineering @ Pave

We are a team of builders, passionate about creating a new era of compensation and shipping amazing products to get us there. We move fast, but take craftsmanship and reliability seriously. We’re building both a brand new set of delightful web applications and also a revolutionary data platform to achieve our vision. And we have a lot of fun while doing it!

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Pave Engineering Charter

People Come First

Hire for aptitude and attitude; skills can be learned
Diverse groups make better decisions
Be supportive and empathetic
Find your passion
Work smart, not just hard
You are not your code  

Act Like an Owner

Balance the short and long term
Leave things better than you found them
You are empowered and responsible
Question goals:  Fully understand "why", not just "what"
Exercise good judgement, so we need less process
You can change things

Focus, Focus, Focus

Clear team priorities are more important than who does what
Only tackle one or two big things at a time
Stop starting, start finishing
Be agile without constantly switching gears
Reserve capacity for the little things that come up
Focus is more important than utilization

Slow Down to Speed Up

Have retrospectives, and act on them
Automate away what is most repetitive and costly
Build self-service tools to enable others
Scale communications with documents and videos
Make hero engineering the exception, not the rule

Delight Our Users

Listen to our users, using any signal we can get
Ship often with high quality
Find problems before they do
Take pride in a world class product
Ground decisions around value delivered, to all customers

One Engineering Team

Self-managing pods are the key to scaling
Engineering excellence requires collaboration across pods 
Communication is a core skill for our engineers 
Make decisions as a team: Disagree and commit