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(Most) Equity Benchmarks Are Lying to You

Equity benchmarks aren’t giving you the full picture you need to build and run an effective equity compensation strategy. They are omitting equity practices, aggregating new hire and total equity, and not splitting out intended vs. actual or vested vs. unvested equity grant value. These omissions can lead to dramatically different equity outcomes and benchmarks. Pave is here to shed light on the most common equity practices and help you contextualize your equity benchmarks to help you run a world class equity program.

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The Definitive Guide to Pay Transparency

When it comes to managing People, it pays to be transparent. Attracting and retaining talent is critical to the success of your business - but putting transparent pay practices into place and educating your entire team on it can be a tall order. That’s why we’re here: to help demystify pay transparency and provide a roadmap to becoming a more transparent organization.

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The Great Resignation: How to Win and Retain World-Class Talent

By now, every employer’s heard about it. We’re in the times of The Great Resignation. After a traumatic year that has most everyone confronting imbalances between career and life like never before, droves of people are now emboldened to quit their jobs in search of what they’ve been missing.

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Competitive Compensation: How to Build a Compensation Strategy That Attracts, Rewards & Retains Top Talent

Whether you’re a founder who’s just starting to build out your team, or an HR leader committed to creating a compensation strategy for your whole company, we wrote this guide to help you keep "comp" at the center of your competitive edge.

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How to Launch Your Compensation Strategy

We know launching a compensation strategy can be overwhelming, yet is an important part of your culture. We’ve worked hard to simplify this process by creating this 10 step compensation strategy guide.

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A Practical Guide to Building Compensation Bands

Building compensation bands can be a daunting exercise. Luckily, we’ve helped hundreds of companies build, store, share, and operationalize their compensation bands at scale. In this guide, we’ll break down the eight steps every company must take to build their compensation bands.

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