Share offers that land and hire the best talent

Educate candidates and employees on how equity enhances their total compensation.
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Visual Offer Letter

Close top talent by helping them see the upside of their equity.

Pave's visual offer letter enables companies to share what makes them unique in a visually stunning format and enables candidates to dream big about their equity and total compensation.
Total Rewards Portal

Boost retention by demystifying equity compensation for employees.

Give employees a total compensation hub to visualize how salary, bonuses, benefits, and equity enhance their total compensation package.

A solution that works for the whole committee

For Employees

View historical compensation and model potential future increases.

For HR Admins

Educate employees about their equity and total compensation.

For Recruiters

Close top talent by helping them see the upside of their equity.

For Managers

Communicate raises and promotions with employees.
Marisa Fezza

"We run a really robust compensation process. Pave’s compensation planner makes it 10x easier and simpler to communicate employee compensation to our leadership team."

Dave Andrukat

“Once we implemented Pave, we gained a ton of trust and a ton of credibility with our leadership team. And we just came out looking like rock stars.”

Evan Salisbury

"Pave saves me time and energy, which for startups moving so fast, is extremely valuable."

Brit Malinauskas

“We didn’t have to retrain our team to talk about equity in a certain way, the tool just reflected the dialogue we already wanted to have with candidates & employees.”

Brian Whorley

"For venture-backed startups where equity is a meaningful part of the compensation plan, I think Pave is going to be best practice to visualize what equity could be worth."

Nicholas Oliveri

"Pave's Compensation Planner is an essential part of Miro's HR systems. It's an absolute game changer for running merit cycles."

David Buckmaster

“With Pave, rather than wasting time managing spreadsheets, we can focus on more critical aspects of the business, like making data-driven decisions when it comes to our employee’s compensation.”

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