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How the product works

Collected from the source of truth

We integrate with your HRIS and cap table to ensure accurate data that never goes stale.

Consolidated, leveled, & de-identified

Our data is consolidated to a standard leveling framework. Benchmarking can never be traced back to an individual or employee.

Flexible for how you do compensation

Use Pave's intuitive tool to slice data by company stage, location, role, level, and more.

Save time from spreadsheets, spend time where it matters

Pave connects directly to source-of-truth systems, levels your employees, and saves you the hassle of wrangling spreadsheets. Validate our data with the click of a button and move on to your higher priorities.

Make compensation decisions with confidence

Expert vetted job and level definitions so you always know you're pulling the right data. Still have questions? Compare multiple roles side-by-side to triangulate on the right offer.

Stay ahead of the market

We mean it when we say real-time. 100% of our data is pulled from the compensation source of truth. Our benchmarks are responsive to movement in the market to ensure you stay ahead of the curve with competitive compensation.

Determine executive compensation with confidence

Executive compensation is high stakes. It’s critical to use accurate and reliable benchmarks to ensure your executives are paid fairly. Pave’s executive compensation benchmarking (formerly Advanced-HR VCECS) allows you to price offers against 27k+ real-time executive data points.
Miia Laukkarinen

"Real-time compensation benchmarking data is the most valuable asset in hiring and retaining top talent. Pave's platform gives Bessemer portfolio companies a huge advantage by enabling secure and instant access to data."

Ben Schachtel

“Our portfolio companies love Pave’s benchmarking product - beyond the fact that it’s free for them to use. It’s been exciting to see the data improve as more of our companies join, enabling better compensation and hiring decisions for our portfolio. The Pave team has been great to work with!”

Atli Thorkelsson

"Pave has been an amazing compensation tool for our portfolio. Integrating via API has dramatically lowered the upfront effort to get started, eliminated the need to manually upload their data year over year, and given them a truly real-time view of compensation benchmarks."


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