The largest startup compensation datasets, now combined

Up-level your executive & employee compensation benchmarking using Pave’s real-time data alongside VCECS and Option Impact’s trusted compensation survey.

Trusted by the world’s most innovative companies

Pave + Option Impact & VCECS:

Your primary source of truth for compensation benchmarks

Make informed compensation decisions

Base compensation decisions for salary and equity on a combination of real-time benchmarking data from Pave and Option Impact’s extensive survey data — all in one place.

Executive compensation insights

Access reliable and trusted executive compensation data from the Venture Capital Executive Compensation Survey (VCECS) directly in the Pave platform.

Spend less time searching for data and more time using it

Stop wasting time triangulating benchmarking data across tools. Access trusted insights from Pave and Option Impact in one easy to use experience.

Filter by company characteristics most relevant to you

Improve the relevancy of your results by filtering compensation data by company size, location, valuation, funding, and more.
Emma Phillips

“Pave's comp benchmarking tool is superb. Any start-up or scale-up that wants to use the most comprehensive dataset to make compensation decisions should be using Pave."

Archie Japaridze

"Pave has demystified compensation for startups of our size. The product lets us quickly see where we rank among other companies and helps us structure competitive compensation packages. They’ve been a huge help in getting our offers accepted by candidates."

 Dominic Jacquesson

“Real-time, global compensation data is crucial for any company that's trying to stay competitive. Pave is simply the best compensation benchmarking tool for any venture-backed tech company. “

Heather Dunn

“The combination of Pave and Option Impact is a game changer for People teams. It combines two of the largest and most well-respected compensation benchmarking datasets in the market, which gives me even more confidence in using the data to build bands and make competitive offers.”

Frequently asked questions

Why did Pave acquire Option Impact & VCECS?

Pave is on a mission to build the world's best compensation tools and easily accessible market data so companies can make fair, equitable, and transparent compensation decisions. Together with Option Impact, we’re able to provide a more holistic and accurate view of compensation trends for both salary and equity across roles, levels, geos, company valuations, and more.

What is the Venture Capital Executive Compensation Survey (VCECS)?

Executive Compensation (formerly known as VCECS) is an updated search experience within Pave’s Benchmarking product allowing users to search for cash and equity benchmarks for executive roles. The data is reliable, with 27,000+ Executive Compensation data points, updated real-time through integrations with HRIS and payroll systems, and filterable to find the benchmarks that are relevant to you.

How do I get access to VCECS?

To access VCECS, log in to Pave (or sign up; it’s free). Integrate your HRIS & cap table system (this will replace the manual, annual spreadsheet upload process).

Companies that participate by September 23, 2022 will get first access to the 2022 VCECS. VCECS will be available directly within Pave’s benchmarking system, as well as downloadable to access in a spreadsheet.

What will happen to the Option Impact & VCECS data?

Option Impact & Venture Capital Executive Compensation Survey (VCECS) data sets will be integrated into the Pave product. During the integration Pave will ensure that the data is fully anonymized and aggregated so that it cannot be linked back to any customer or customer employee.

What’s required for me to integrate with Pave?

Pave operates under a give-to-get model. This means that participating companies who share their HR data will unlock ongoing, free access to Pave benchmarking. Once you connect your HRIS and cap table systems are connected, you’re good to go - no more surveys required!

What are Pave’s security policies and credentials?

Security is at the heart of every decision Pave makes. All benchmarking data is completely de-identified both from the individual and from their employer to preserve 100% anonymity. As a demonstration of our commitment to security and privacy, Pave is SOC2 Type II compliant and maintains compliance with GDPR and CCPA. Learn more about security at Pave.

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