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Emma Phillips

“Pave's comp benchmarking tool is superb. Any start-up or scale-up that wants to use the most comprehensive dataset to make compensation decisions should be using Pave."

 Dominic Jacquesson

“Real-time, global compensation data is crucial for any company that's trying to stay competitive. Pave is simply the best compensation benchmarking tool for any venture-backed tech company. “

Miia Laukkarinen

"Real-time compensation benchmarking data is the most valuable asset in hiring and retaining top talent. Pave's platform gives Bessemer portfolio companies a huge advantage by enabling secure and instant access to data."

How the product works

Collected from the source of truth

We integrate with your HRIS and cap table to ensure accurate data that never goes stale.

Consolidated, leveled, & anonymized

Our data is consolidated to a standard leveling framework. Benchmarking can never be traced back to an individual or employee.

Stored securely

We only store necessary information, and all data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. We follow the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation of May 2018.

Flexible for how you do compensation

Use Pave's intuitive tool to slice data by company stage, location, role, level, and more.

Save time from spreadsheets, spend time where it matters

Pave connects directly to source-of-truth systems, levels your employees, and saves you the hassle of wrangling spreadsheets. Validate our data with the click of a button and move on to your higher priorities.

Built-in job descriptions to ensure you’re referencing the right benchmark

Expert vetted job and level definitions so you always know you're pulling the right data. Still have questions? Compare multiple roles side-by-side to triangulate on the right offer. Prepare and empower you mangers to have sensitive conversions.

Stay ahead of the market

We mean it when we say real-time. 100% of our data is pulled from the compensation source of truth. Our benchmarks are responsive to movement in the market to ensure you stay ahead of the curve with competitive compensation.

Determine executive compensation with confidence

Executive compensation is high stakes. It’s critical to use accurate and reliable benchmarks to ensure your executives are paid fairly. Pave’s exec comp benchmarking (formerly known as the Advanced-HR VCECS) is the best tool to price executive offers, no extra work required.
Inês Van Deuren

"Our goal at Tessian is to ensure that all of our salaries are fair and competitive which is why we use Pave for our benchmarking. Not only is their platform easy to use but we can be confident that the benchmarking data that we’re pulling is second to none."

Sultan Murad Saidov

"In order to hire the best talent in today's market, we need real time compensation benchmarks. Pave compensation data is just that: not only does it provide verified cash and equity compensation benchmarks, but it's free. Our leadership and people teams have insight into compensation benchmarks like never before."

Tom Denny

"Pave's benchmarking gives us the confidence to accurately plan, budget and track our growth more accurately. We know we are able to make competitive offers to candidates and pay our team fairly as the market continuously shifts. As the data is connected through our HRIS API, it means we don't have to spend hours filling out manual comp surveys every 6 months to continue getting our access."

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