Introducing Advanced Equity benchmarks from Pave

October 4, 2023
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Pave Team

A lot has changed with equity compensation in the last two years. 

In the face of evolving economic conditions, technology companies have had to shift their equity compensation strategies. Compensation leaders are increasingly being tasked with managing equity dilution alongside the CFO. Companies are taking measures to distribute equity more prudently (e.g. introducing new vesting schedules). At the same time, employees are increasingly concerned about future equity values as they see share prices fluctuating.

While pressure mounts, equity benchmarking solutions have not kept pace with the rate of change. Survey-based datasets are outdated by the time they are released, deliver overly-broad benchmarks, or aggregate a wide variety of equity practices into a single benchmark. This leaves compensation leaders with inaccurate or untrustworthy data to manage a crucial company asset. 

Fortunately, there’s now a better way to plan and manage your equity strategy.

Make better equity decisions with Advanced Equity 

We’re excited to introduce Advanced Equity from Pave. With Advanced Equity, you have access to the world’s largest, real-time equity benchmarking dataset to confidently, accurately, and responsibly manage your equity program. Our benchmarks include data from over 6,000 organizations, including technology companies in both the private and public sector (which you can now filter for!). 

Distribute equity with confidence

Making fair and defensible equity decisions starts with accurate and relevant benchmarking data. With Advanced Equity, you’re accessing the richest data insights on the market to inform the way you manage equity across your organization.

You’ll now be able to:

  • Access equity benchmarking data that’s most relevant to your company. Benchmark against the types of companies you compete with for talent. Filter based on company type (private versus public), revenue, and more. 
  • Normalize data to ensure you’re applying benchmarks accurately. Most surveys combine data from a range of equity practices into a single benchmark. With Advanced Equity, you can normalize the data by viewing equity values based on annualized or total values and intended (value at time of grant) or actual values.
  • Work with real-time data that reflects the latest market conditions. Instead of relying on stale survey data, get monthly equity benchmark updates to stay on top of changes as they happen.
  • Eliminate errors from manual data pulls Integrate Pave with your HRIS (Workday, Bamboo, etc.) and equity management systems (Shareworks, E*trade, Carta, etc.) in just a few clicks so you’re always working from relevant, updated data. 

Compensate competitively 

Equity compensation is an important lever that technology companies use to recruit and retain top talent. Maintaining a competitive edge in the talent war requires a keen understanding of current market practices, but getting a pulse on what your peers offer has historically been difficult. To help, Advanced Equity gives you: 

  • Unvested and refresh equity benchmarks. Take the guesswork out of distributing equity for retention purposes. Keep top performers satisfied by ensuring your refresh equity offers are compelling.
  • Data comprised of modern technology companies. Our benchmarking dataset includes the most relevant private and public tech companies who our customers compete with for talent. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in tech to create benchmarks from late-stage and private companies. Our dataset is regularly updated and expanded to reflect shifting market dynamics.

Manage equity dilution with insight into Equity Practices 

Equity compensation benchmarks are only a piece of the puzzle for compensation leaders who now find themselves actively managing equity dilution. Leaders need in-depth guidance on how to distribute equity in addition to knowing how much to pay. While most surveys focus entirely on equity targets, our new Equity Practices data gives you deeper insight into how companies are designing their equity programs.

Access benchmarks from peer companies on vesting schedules, cliffs, vesting structure, and vesting intervals to build a structure that is competitive, while accounting for burn rate to manage dilution. 

We’re excited to unlock new equity compensation insights for our customers, and compensation experts are just as excited as we are. 

“Pave provides direct line of sight into real-time equity data and practices. Pave has been a game changer for strategic Total Rewards decision making. Pave provides ease of integration across all of compensation design and administration, but the equity intelligence alone is pure gold!” - Gary Starzmann, VP Total Rewards at Miro & Faculty Dean at WorldatWork 

Get Advanced Equity benchmarks in minutes, not months

With Advanced Equity, you’ll have the relevant, trustworthy data you need to confidently set and manage your equity program. And the best part: it only takes a few clicks to get started. Take a two-minute tour or contact our team; we’d love to help you get set up. 

Advanced Equity is available as an add-on to our free benchmarking, Foundations, Pro, and Premium plans. 

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Pave Team
Pave Team
Pave is a world class team committed to reinventing the world of compensation and help build a more transparent future of work.

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