Breaking Down Burnt Pizza: Check Out Pave’s Matt Schulman on The VentureFizz Podcast

October 25, 2022
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Pave Team

There are three ways to talk about how a product fits a market:

  1. Oxygen: Customers can’t live without it.
  2. Aspirin: It makes life less painful.
  3. Burnt Pizza: Most don’t like it, but you’ll eat it if you’re hungry enough.

These are just three analogies recently shared on an episode of The VentureFizz Podcast, the last of which comes from Pave’s intrepid CEO and founder Matt Schulman. Schulman joined VentureFizz to share his approach toward building products that solve relevant problems in an ever-changing market. As he explains, if you’re tackling a problem that is very important to solve, an early-stage product can be appetizing – or at least filling – even if it’s a bit rough around the edges.

His episode of the podcast focuses on how Pave grew from its own burnt pizza startup stage to making delicious ‘za with our compensation tools and easily accessible market data (we just announced a $100m Series C round at a $1.6B valuation). 

Check out the full episode to hear a lively discussion on everything from the tech industry’s current state and its effect on compensation to how Schulman’s approach helped win over our first customers – and how it could help you.

(He’ll even share how we did the impossible: obtain a one-word .com domain.)

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Pave Team
Pave Team
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