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November 30, 2022
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Pave Team

“What should I be paying employees?” is one of the most common questions we get from HR leaders and startup founders.

Fortunately, Pave works with over 5,000 companies and built the largest compensation dataset in the venture-backed tech space. 

Today, Pave users not only can view and take action with this data - but can also share data with anyone in meaningful ways.

The Game Changer: Real-Time Data Sharing

Every day, Pave users search for thousands of data points that are used to benchmark compensation and identify industry trends. 

With the rapidly changing hiring climate, HR and finance leaders are spending more time than ever updating their hiring plans and compensation bands. As a part of that process, HR teams are often asked to provide the following data:

  • Hiring managers want to know how much to pay candidates
  • Finance and corporate strategy want competitive intelligence
  • Candidates want to understand how their offer package compares to the market
  • Employees want to see how their compensation reflect their skills and career progression

Now, by making these data points easily shareable, we hope to enable even more companies to make data-driven decisions around compensation. 

This is yet another step we’re taking to help build a more fair and transparent world around compensation.

How Shareable Benchmarks Work 

For the first time, Pave users can share any selected benchmark to collaborators. The folks who receive the data are able to view it without having access to a Pave account.

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1 - Search for a role

Select the job role you want to benchmark from the Pave dropdown list.

Step 2 - Define your characteristics

To get the results most relevant for your use case, define the job level, location, and company stage that matches the role you’re looking for.

Step 3 - Share your findings

Once you see the data, simply click the share button to get the URL to share with stakeholders, employees, and collaborators.

What's included in the shared Pave Benchmarking data?

You can share salary, total equity, new hire equity grants and more by job role, level, and location.

Why Share Benchmarking Data

Help Employees Understand Compensation

Help your employees understand your compensation philosophy and your connections stay ahead of the market. Real-time compensation benchmarking data is the most valuable data in hiring and retaining talent. Sharing your data slice (100% powered by API connections) gives your connections a huge advantage by giving them a real-time view of the hiring market.

Thanks to you, your contact can view the real-time data you shared even without having a Pave account!

Collaborate With Your Team

Connect with your team on your compensation benchmarking journey! Whether you need to communicate with your team on what to pay new hires, or share market compensation data with executives, Pave’s slice-sharing functionality allows you to collaborate with your team in benchmarking real-time data.

With Pave slice-sharing, you no longer have to send screenshots or Excel sheets. Simply share the URL for a specific role with your collaborators. 

Improve Pay Transparency for Candidates and Employees

Last but not least, you can use the shareable Pave Benchmarks to bring a new level of pay transparency to candidates and employees.

Transparency in the workplace is a huge factor in employee happiness and retention. We look forward to helping even more companies in their efforts to provide more transparency to employees and candidates.

Today, you can choose to share the up-to-date market rate for each job level based on company stage and location. Help your employees understand your company’s compensation philosophy and their compensation package relative to the market.

How to Get Started

If you’re currently using Pave Benchmarking, you’ll be able to create and share slices at no additional cost.

If you’re new to Pave, you can still view any slices shared to you. You can learn more and begin your own searches by signing up for free here.

Learn more about Pave’s end-to-end compensation platform
Pave Team
Pave Team
Pave is a world class team committed to reinventing the world of compensation and help build a more transparent future of work.

Become a compensation expert with the latest insights powered by Pave.

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