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Learn strategies and best practices from seasoned experts on how to build a world-class compensation strategy for your company.
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The Compensation Expert Series is a an on-demand video collection that will teach you how to build and scale a best-in-class compensation strategy. Each video lesson is led by an industry thought leader, experienced compensation consultant, or People leader and delivers detailed and actionable advice on a range of compensation topics.

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The Experts

Meghana Reddy

Advisor, Alamere

Matt Schulman

Founder & CEO, Pave

Joe Bast

VP of People & Operations at Laika

Alex Ip


Joe Belluomini

Chief Executive Officer, Coit Group - A Hudson RPO Company

Nathalie McGrath

Co-founder, The People Design House

Tory Beall

Head of Sales - Emerging Markets, Morgan Stanley

Stacy Sahagian

Senior Director, People, Dashlane

Rachel Cougan

VP of People, Logixboard

Paige Maisonet


Nitin Gupta

Head of Benchmarking, Pave

Melanie Naranjo

VP of People, Ethena

Leighton Martin

Senior People Partner, Sisense

Robyn Shutak

Managing Partner, Infinite Equity

Kathryn Gombos

Founder and Consultant, Gombos Group

Julie Menge

People Operations & Analytics Lead, Mux

Hannah Hanks

People Leader & Startup Advisor

Jin Fu

FW Cook

Sam Ford


Catherine Nacson

Head of Global Compensation, Zapier

Jon Burg

Managing Partner, Infinite Equity

Andrew Lopez

Strategic People Partner, Afresh

Alexis Joseph Merritt

VP of People, Pave

Anya Palisch

Head of Implementation and Success, Pave

Steph Evans

Product Lead, Pave

Miguel Chavez

Option Impact & Option Driver Lead

Katie Rovelstad

Operations Lead, Pave

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Learn from industry leaders and seasoned practitioners who have “been there, done that.”
Proven compensation strategies and recommendations
Get actionable advice from compensation experts on the most pressing topics for People Leaders.
On-demand learning
Access video sessions whenever you need them or register for the Comp Experts webinar series for live Q&A opportunities.

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